New $10 note design Revealed

The new Next Generation $10 banknotes will be released on the 1st of September 2017. Prefect Agencies in collaboration with the RBA have ensured that our range of devices are already compatible for the new $10 note.

The release of the remaining denominations will be progressively introduced in the following 2 years , with the $50 expected to be the third release

All the machines on this website are capable of processing the NGB $10 banknote and be assured that all the subsequent RBA note releases will be free of charge for any device purchased from Prefect Agencies.

The SB5, SB7, SB9, SB5000, J-717 and the CountEasy are already shipping with the NGB $10 upgrade.



The RBA has today released images of the new $5 banknote

New Australian 5 dollar note

The Bank has today released images of the new $5 banknote that will be issued into circulation from 1 September 2016. The images show the basic design artwork of each side of the banknote. As previously announced, key aspects of the existing design – colour, size and people portrayed – are retained for ease of recognition and to minimise the disruption to businesses. There is a new ‘tactile’ feature to help the vision-impaired community distinguish between different denominations of banknotes.. Visit the RBA website for the full announcement

Next Generation of Banknotes: Plans for the $5 Design Reveal

The Bank has been working closely with a range of stakeholders over the past seven years to ensure that when the new series of banknotes are issued, the public can use them effectively in their day-to-day lives.

Important aspects of a smooth transition to the new banknotes are making sure that machines that take or dispense banknotes have been upgraded and that the new banknotes are available across the country. As part of this process, the Bank intends to publish images of the new $5 banknote on 12 April

The Reserve Bank has announced