Cash Counting Machine in Australia

The Key to Accuracy is a Cash Counting Machine in Australia

All cash dealing businesses run the risk of miscalculation and error without obtaining a cash counting machine in Australia. It’s simple, easy to use and eliminates temptation and error.

What You Can Expect from Prefect Agencies Regarding Cash Handling

We have a range of products on offer, and we’re always innovating solutions to suit various needs.

  • We have note sorters, note scales and counters which are generally used in retail, banks, gaming and other businesses which will count, sort, batch and issue separating banknotes. Options are available to suit your budget and needs.
  • Coin handling at its best. Our products include coin changers, coin counters, coin sorters, coin scales, and wrappers. It’s perfect for gaming venues and other establishments that distribute coins to customers. Some machines are capable of detecting counterfeit or foreign coins and rejects them. The wrapping of coins makes the payment process easier.
  • Exceptional customer service is one of the pillars of our business. We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations by always remaining in contact with them. Clear and open communication with a single point of contact is always preferred. Our quick response time to queries endears us to our cash handling clients.


Benefits of Cash Handling Systems

Many small to medium businesses fail because they don’t acknowledge and implement effective cash handling systems. An increase in cash flow increases risk. There are several benefits to implementing cash handling systems.

  • Reduced risk. There are risks from both outside and inside a business. These accumulate to massive losses and shrinkage which are unaccounted. Having the cash handling measures in place eradicates the potential risk of an employee slipping a few notes or an outside robbery. Cash in transit is another avenue to explore when thinking of handling cash. They help ensure the amount of money you’re carrying is never too much to attract danger but sufficient for operational purposes.
  • A streamlined process. The elimination of human intervention reduces risk and saves time. Modern cash handling solutions mean employees save time compared to older methods and have more time to dedicate to other aspects of your operation. Self-diagnostic systems enable staff to solve issues, thus minimizing downtime because of system issues.
  • Tailor-made solutions. Because businesses all operate differently, they require different cash handling systems. The provider must be able to offer a solution for your particular requirements, from little start-ups to massive corporations.


Why Trust Prefect Agencies Regarding Cash Handling Systems

We have been in existence for 40 years and have been servicing the retail, gaming and banking sectors across Australia. Based in Queensland, we’ve become one of the leaders in the industry, providing cash management systems to various clients. We have a range of products from a basic coin counter to advanced note processing. We aim to gain your trust with our ability, experience, solutions and products.

We’re always putting the needs of our clients at the forefront of our business. Having serviced some big names, it demonstrates our ability to take on big projects while still catering for the small to medium enterprise. Contact us to find a solution for you.