Identifying the Right Coin Scales in Australia for Your Operation

Attempts to procure coin scales in Australia may leave you wondering which solutions currently available on the market would best fit in with your business. With many different options, how can you be sure that any one device can provide the time savings you need? At Prefect Agencies, our team is ready to step in and offer helpful insights into selecting new cash handling equipment.

What Sets Prefect Agencies Apart Regarding Money Scales?

Why choose to work with us when you want to purchase these devices? Consider how we’ve set ourselves apart in this space:

  • The 40+ years of experience in cash handling behind Prefect Agencies is among our key differentiators — and it is not “just” a number. Our understanding informs our ability to identify the right products for a business with ease, and we’ve established ourselves as a stand-out player by supplying critical components to companies in industries as diverse as banking and food services.
  • We’ve worked extensively to identify the hardware solutions that deliver the most consistent and accurate results over multiple counts. Accuracy when counting cash and coins is always essential, but when using scales to take measurements by weight, it takes on an even greater importance.
  • Our broad base of product offerings. We don’t pick one scale and push it the hardest — instead, we field several kinds of equipment for meeting the wide-ranging needs of our commercial customers.

For businesses requiring the most modern and precise scale solutions, we make weighing the options a simple task.

The Importance of Note Scales

Why make an investment in this technology in the first place? A reliable note scale can be a valuable asset to your team because it empowers you to:

  • Speed up cash handling procedures that often take valuable time out of an employee’s shift. When you weigh a note with a scale, it provides an accurate reading for a stack placed quickly onto its surface. Recording the resulting number is the only step left — no more thumbing through bills as quickly as possible, hoping to keep count.
  • Guarantee accuracy and gather the vital information about daily performance necessary to understanding success and planning for the future. You must be able to trust your equipment. At Prefect Agencies, we know these demands you face and source products appropriately.
  • Prevent mishandling of cash by employees. Faster, more replicable means for cash counting means your business can collect counts throughout the day as needed, spotting potential leaks and fraud sooner rather than later.


Things You Can Learn from Prefect Agencies About a Coin Scale

Our team not only works to help you find the right products, but we can act as an educational resource on these devices, too. With our help, you can learn:

  • When to use a coin scale and when another solution, such as an automated coin counter and bagger, is the preferable option. Not every situation calls for counting by weight, such as when you have mixed coinage. Instead of separating them by hand, sorting them in a coin counter is the better idea.
  • Basic operational principles and helpful “how-tos” to differentiate between different scales.
  • Which coin scales are right for your business based on the volume of coinage you handle. For especially heavy-duty applications, such as those within the gaming sector, we can point you towards the products that will deliver the most robust and reliable performance over the lifetime of your investment.


Why Trust Prefect Agencies Regarding Note & Coin Counters

We’ve spent years refining our abilities and sourcing the right products. We enjoy continued success in supporting business partners, including ANZ and many other major businesses throughout Australia. Find more out today about why we’re the perfect fit for filling this niche need. Contact us with your questions or to request a quote.