Counterfeit Note Detector Machine Australia

Rent a Counterfeit Note Detector Machine in Australia

Use our cutting-edge counterfeit note detector machine in Australia for your cash business. We stay in the loop of changes in the industry so that we can always offer you the best available products and service.

What Sets Prefect Agencies Apart Regarding Counterfeit Money

If your company’s cash-handling processes are not up to date, you could soon suffer severe losses. In your business, where you cannot avoid handling cash, it is essential that you invest in the counterfeit note detector machine to ensure that your anti-counterfeit processes are in place.

  • We offer top-class equipment for taking care of your cash – from banknote counters and our UVA counterfeit detector pen to scales and till clearance applications because you realise the need for high-quality equipment that can detect counterfeit money, but your hands are full enough already.
  • Clients seek excellent customer service – and we are here to exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves in fast response times to service calls, affordability and quick turnaround times when equipment needs repair or replaced. If we cannot repair your equipment on-site, we’ll borrow you one until we have repaired yours.
  • Our ethical workmanship travels a long way, and we always ensure open communication with our clients.

As our managing director explains, we really want our clients to trust us. Every client is as unique as every situation.

Problems Prefect Agencies Addresses

Many large companies trust us with managing their cash-handling processes.

  • If we don’t have the machine you have in mind, we create it for you. Speak to us about what you have in mind, and we’ll offer you a customised solution. You can also rent equipment from us for a week or a month.
  • Often companies forget about their clients once they have sold a few products. We offer the best ongoing after-sales service and true support to you, our valued client.
  • We use the latest technology equipment and products as the solution for your needs because robberies and counterfeit everything is on the rise and we should keep track and act promptly. We cannot promise and then not deliver.

We trust our products and you should too. We are as serious about reducing costs, preventing loss for your company and increasing profitability as you are.

About Prefect Agencies

Our family has been in the industry for 36 years, and we know what small business owners want. We are leaders in Australia, offering support and service to the financial, retail and hospitality industries, and have seen the bottom lines of many companies improve. See a return on your investment in more or less six months.

Download your free counterfeit detection guide hereCall us if you have questions on our existing products or if you want to discuss with us what we must create for you. Alternatively, you can leave a message, and one of our dedicated staff members will get in touch with you.