CS-600+ 7 Pocket Coin Sorter

The CS-600+ is a heavy-duty 7 pocket coin sorting and counting machine. The unit sorts 6 different coin denominations at the same time as well as foreign coins by using a alloy sensor. The unit can process up to 600 coins per minute whilst automatically sorting and batching all denominations.

Designed to process medium volume of coin with constant coin counting and sorting, the C-S600+ has some impressive features that make it the ideal choice for small to medium businesses. The unit has counterfeit and freak detection capability so foreign coin, washers metal blanks or tokens go directly to the reject pocket
The unit is ideal for school tuck shops, church or charity collections, car wash outlets, vending machine owners, or small CIT.

Available with bag hangers for bulk processing. Simple to use, load the hopper and walk away!


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