Lac-17 Coin Wrapper

The Lac-17 is a heavy duty coin wrapping machine for the continual production of coin rolls. Coin rolls allow easy distribution of cash change in tamper evident paper wraps. The Laurel LAC17 can produce 40 coin rolls per minute. This machine has an excellent reputation for being robust and reliable wrapper. The maintenance cost are also far less than its competitors, especially replacement parts. Consumable are also very competitive

This machine is the perfect solution to any cash busy CIT organisation and will continue to perform in coin intensive environment. The Lac-17 allows for quick and easy coin wrapping of multi denominations.


  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 1085mm x 450mm x 630mm
  • Weight approx. 155kg
  • Wrapping speed max. 40 rolls/min.
  • Hopper capacity approx. 18,000 coins


  • Hopper sensor, LAN connection, LAUREL interface link
  • Count chute
  • Roll printer
  • Large paper roll table

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