Paypod Embedded

Paypod™ Australia’s first automated customer initiated payment system for the retail market. Paypods’™ benefits are clear; increased customer flow, elevated productivity with enhanced cash security.

For the customer the transaction is quick, convenient and seamless, they get their change quickly and accurately and move on.

From an owners prospective there is an increase in customer flow – the more customers that can served during the height of the rush hour, the higher the profit. More productive staff ensure customers are served faster and more efficiently, leading to a superior customer experience.


  • Minimise time spent handling cash
  • Reduce shrink by securing cash with a multi-point locking system
  • Eliminate hygiene concerns by eliminating the need for cashiers to handle money
  • Deploy instantly with easy interface to any
  • Utilise data analytics to make informed business decisions*
  • Deliver a high level of service
  • Offers superior security and durability to independent retailers
  • Maximises counter space with custom embedded solution
  • Adds value to underutilised below-the-counter space
  • Modular solution designed to evolve with payment technology
  • Instant interface to existing Windows point-of-sale system with POSlinq software; no integration required

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