SmartClear Desktop Note

The Smartclear note clearence system is a stand-alone desktop variant note clearance system for gaming machines. The unit has been designed to clear notes and TITO tickets from stacker boxes quickly and efficiently and process them in the back office. Speeds up clearances by 40% saving time, money whist creating a audit trail

The SmartClear clearance system has been designed, developed and produced by Prefect Agencies in Brisbane. Complete with an easy to use touch screen, the software has been written especially for the gaming industry. However the system can be configured for most applications where large amounts of cash are processed.

Smartclear seamlessly links into most floor management systems such as Max Gaming , Odyssey, Ebet platforms or your back office. This unit is the Note only system is fully integrated with Smartclear platform is able to process notes and TITO Tickets using the SB5+ mixed note counter. This system can also be run as a static the floor system using your current trolly


  • Coin Clearance
  • Battery or Mains power
  • Self contained purpose built trolley
  • 30 Kilogram capacity scale
  • Front USB Port for easy data export
  • Easy to use touch screen console
  • Multi denominations
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Barcode/Report Printer
  • Unlimited number of hoppers & drop boxes
  • Fully portable

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