If you’re like most business, manual cash handling and cash related tasks are two of the biggest time drains in your day and the biggest risk to your bottom line. But they needn’t be


Prefect Agencies is the smart choice for innovative, cost effective cash handling solutions across Australia. As the name suggests, we’re ahead of the rest when it comes to state of the art cash handling equipment.

Does your business rely on efficient note counting and sorting machines, coin counters, or accurate gaming clearance systems? If so Prefect Agencies is top of the class for affordable, reliable, quality cash processing products.

Discover a highly cost effective way to reclaim HOURS of precious time each week AND prevent thousands of dollars in losses – both in manual errors and lost sales opportunities

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New $50 Note WARNING:
With the release of new $50 it’s critical that you have measures in place to detect and protect against counterfeit notes. Ask us today how to ensure you’re prepared for the circulation of the RBA’s new notes.Counterfeiters will be dumping their stock onto the market- Protect yourself now


Everything you know about counterfeit notes and how to detect them

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