Clearance Systems Aid Efficient Cash Handling

Clearance systems minimise errors and improve on the unexplained loss of cash. The process is simplified, reduces costs, enhances audit control and helps the overall cash management system. Although the use of cash is on the decline, some sectors such as gaming still heavily depend on dealing with cash.

Tips Regarding Note Clearance

A note counting machine is a pre-requisite for hotels, banks, gaming and retail businesses. Using note clearance has an array of advantages, one of which is that it decreases risk to your business.

  • It’s always accurate. Manually counting notes is archaic and carries the possibility of human error. Note clearance machines count every note that goes through regardless of its condition. The accuracy is appreciated when it’s time for audits and accounting practices.
  • Easy to operate. They’re user-friendly and don’t require extensive training. Thus, saving your business time from employee training and the time they would have spent counting each note. The machine automatically starts separating and counting as you place the banknotes in the machine.
  • Detecting counterfeit notes. In modern times, the production and circulation of counterfeit money have increased. Receiving this money on face value will result in massive losses when accumulated and invariably hurt the economy. Note clearance machines can detect fake notes and separates them from the real money.


What You Can Expect from Prefect Agencies Regarding Note Clearance

Businesses that rely on receiving cash need to have a system in place to manage cash securely and effectively. We’re one of those providers that pride ourselves on our quality customer service.

  • We are ready to go the extra mile for our clients. Customer service is at the heart of our business, and it’s crucial to us that you’re happy. Our dedication to quickly react to service calls is a testament to our exceptional customer service.
  • A wide range of products. We have all types of cash management solutions in our catalogue. If you’re handling notes and coins at any volume, one of our existing products will suffice. Should your requirements not be fulfilled by any of our current offerings, we will create one just for your business.
  • Continued servicing and maintenance of machines. As with most technological appliances, they require intermittent service. The turnaround time for servicing a machine is quick, and if it can’t be maintained, we offer a loan machine, so your business stays on track with its cash management.


Why Trust Prefect Agencies Regarding Note Clearance

Prefect Agencies is a boutique supplier of cash handling solutions. We’ve been around for 40 years supplying some of Australia’s biggest brands. We are based in Queensland and innovation and customer service are some of our core values. We pride ourselves on being creative, affordable and professional.

Our solutions help businesses reduce their losses while saving time. We’re on hand to educate your staff on the use and maintenance of equipment and how to detect counterfeit money. It’s a worthy investment as it will curb your losses and provide accuracy. Contact us for a cash handling solution to suit your business.