Why Your Business Needs a Laurel Counting Machine

Ensuring your business handles cash efficiently and correctly is made easier with a Laurel counting machine. At Prefect Agencies, we provide the latest top-quality equipment that can help you increase your productivity and cash security. Our family-operated business has been servicing the gaming, banking and retail sectors for more than 40 years. We have extensive knowledge and experience and can help you discover the ideal money counter to suit your business.

The Importance of a Notes Counter

When it comes to handling large amounts of cash in your business, a notes counter is an essential item to use.

  • Gives accurate counts: You can be confident that your end-of-shift total is accurate when you use a money counter and remove that chance of human error. We know that people are tired at the end of the day, meaning that innocent cash handling mistakes are inevitable. However, you can improve the accuracy of your money count and save time with an efficient and reliable piece of equipment.
  • Improve business productivity: Having your employees count cash is time and money spent away from other valuable business tasks and customer service. A cash counter is highly efficient and can total hundreds of notes in one minute; thus, leaving your staff free to work on other responsibilities.
  • Prevent losses, reduce shrinkage: Some money counters can detect and alert you to counterfeit notes. This piece of equipment can also deter people from intentionally miscalculating the cash total and reduce discrepancies that can lead to business losses.


Benefits of a Laurel Money Counter

The Laurel J-717 note counter can provide several advantages to your business.

  • User-friendly: You can have your most trusted staff member oversee the working of this user-friendly machine. It is designed as a general use counter that can process medium volumes of banknotes at a rate of 800, 1200, and 1600 notes per minute. As a reliable cash counter, it has a reputation as one of the best-selling products in the world.
  • Accurate and reliable: This friction counter is light, compact, silent, accurate and reliable. You can effortlessly implement this machine into your business routine and enjoy the benefits of its cost-effective performance.
  • Mains powered: The Laurel J-717 is powered by electricity using an AC input voltage, meaning there is no need to worry about battery drain mid-count. You can benefit from the counter’s software designed to prolong the life of stability and accuracy sensors. The automatic adjustment sensor system means that you don’t need to open it up, and the upkeep is effortless.


Why Trust Prefect Agencies Regarding a Note Counter?

With more than 40 years of experience in the cash-handling industry, we can help you discover the most suitable money counter for your business and help improve your productivity. We use the latest technology and have an in-house manufacturing facility that ensures our equipment is of the highest standard. Our experienced team can help you innovate your cash-handling needs with a simple yet effective solution. Contact us today to order your note counter.