Enhance Your Business With a Money Counter in Australia

If you have a business that mostly deals in cash, a money counter in Australia will make keeping track of your finances that much easier. You can buy or rent a money counting machine in Australia from us.

Benefits of Money Counter in Australia

We are long beyond the time where everything needs to be done manually, from invoices to the books, and that includes counting money. Use the technology available to you through Prefect Agencies to keep track of your cash:

  • Time-saving. You may still have staff whose duties include counting, sorting, tracking and dispensing money as well as preparing deposits for the bank and balancing the cash drawers. This process usually takes place daily and takes up more time than it really should.
  • Safety. Our counting machines can decrease the risk of employee fraud because it eliminates the manual staff process (who could take some of the cash and provide false information about how much money you processed and banked on a specific day). You also won’t have to scroll through pages or spreadsheets to access your daily totals.
  • Accuracy. As diligent as a person is, human error still happens, and it can be detrimental to the career of the money counter as well as to your business. With an automated back-office process, you will have all the data available immediately and electronically for easy reference while the apparent benefit would be increased accuracy of counting the money.


Common Mistakes People Make Regarding A Money Counting Machine

As much as the automated benefits of a counting machine are apparent, people still think it will solve other financial problems that come with handling money. Our machines have the latest tech and can change your cash handling system, but also be aware of what the limitations are:

  • Money handling. You have a small business, you see a money counting machine for sale, and you take the leap and purchase it, expecting miracles. The risk of handling the money still remains, as you are likely to take the money to the bank yourself, doing so with a considerable risk of robbery. We offer cash in transit service is an added benefit to you and your staff as part of our complete cash handling solution.
  • It eliminates the human element. Undoubtedly improving accuracy and risk, the human element will always have a place in your business’s finances, and the risk of fraud remains, although electronic reports and an integrated system will likely show any problems that you ought to address.
  • No support services. Considering that money makes your business go round, you need our cash handling solutions. We also offer support for the machines we sell, and we will follow up and provide any further advice or recommendations if you feel your cash handling system is still lacking.


About Prefect Agencies

We are a solutions-based company providing reliable products to the corporate sector. We are launching a new MIB product line aimed at retail to optimise end-to-end costs for our customers. We have the ideally suited money counter machine for sale or rent, contact us to find out more about renting options.