Smartclear Gaming Clearance System

Experience the Benefits of Our Gaming Clearance Systems

The efficiency of your business can determine success or failure, on the  note clearance system.  Smartclear can eliminate the task of counting, sorting and facing money, giving your staff more time to focus on more important matters. The machine is the member of staff you might not yet recognise but won’t be able to function without once you have seen it in action.   All of our system can integrate with any floor management system to reconcile and clear gaming machine in a breeze.

What Sets Prefect Agencies Apart Regarding Note Clearance Systems

When you buy or rent the note clearance system, we offer you after-sales support as well as customised cash handling solutions.

  • Customised solution. We offer you a variety of complete cash handling solutions to minimise the risk to your business and your staff component. Our note clearance systems are from reputable brands that will last. We have options comprising a sorter and counter; or a sorter; and a counter respectively.
  • 3 Pocket Note Counters. This system has the latest tech in note processing and the latest in the market to include free clearance software and a touchscreen for easy data accessibility and monitoring. This model can further detect any holes and tears as well as counterfeit technology.
  • After-sales support. If our products do not meet your needs or you are not sure which products would suit your company best, we will advise you as to the ideal choice. Our complete cash handling solution extends to after-sales service as we will follow up and provide advice where needed.

What You Can Expect From Prefect Agencies

We are Australia’s leading finance and retail cash handling pros who have worked with some of Australia’s most prominent companies in the gaming, banking and retail sectors. We are based in Queensland but service the whole of Australia with off the shelf or customised solutions to decrease risk and optimise end-to-end costs. Contact us to see what we can offer you.