MIB Hyundai and SB Note Counter Range


Trust Prefect Agencies for a Quality MIB Hyundai and SB Note Counter

Are you interested in purchasing a MIB Hyundai and SB Note Counter for your business? Look no further than the excellent selection available through Prefect Agencies. Our company offers a variety of machines designed to prevent fraud and make the process of counting and organising money easier.

Problems That a MIB Hyundai and SB Note PA Counter can Address

Are you on the fence about using one of our currency counters? Here are a few issues that this type of machine resolves:

  • Concerns regarding counterfeit cash: Gone are the days where you need to manually mark bills with special ink to ensure that they are legitimate. Our PA counters come programmed with a counterfeit sensor that immediately alerts you to a fraudulent bill.
  • Issues with usage capacity: Our machines are uniquely designed for continuous use. For example, the PA-8500 3 Pocket Note Counters can handle sorting three stacks of bills at one time. Once one stack is done, feel free to continue to add other notes until you’re done.
  • Lack of space: Our PA counters come in numerous sizes to suit nearly any business. You can fit the counting machine easily onto a desk or small table. If you opt to use our PA-9500 4 Pocket modelyou can easily count and sort 900 notes in roughly a minute then move the counter back to a filing cabinet until you need to use it again.


Key Questions to Ask Prefect Agencies About a PA Counter

Our team happily answers any of your questions related to any currency machines. Examples of the common enquiries that we receive include:

  • Can I rent a machine? Absolutely. If you need a counting machine for only a short period, it would not be cost-effective to purchase one outright. We give you the option to rent our currency devices starting at as little as $5.00 a week depending on the machine. Learn more about our equipment rental option.
  • Can a PA counter help detect subpar bills? Trying to sort torn or damaged notes is a frustrating challenge when you try to complete the task by hand. Our PA counter eliminates this annoyance by using top-of-the-line fitness detection. Our technology alerts you if a bill has a hole, stain or even a missing corner.
  • How does this device save time? If you have ever counted and sorted bills, you know full well the extended amount of time it takes to complete this arduous job. It’s not unheard of for this kind of task to take hours. Instead of committing your employees to this laborious chore, our counter takes care of counting and sorting. This handy device frees up time for your team to perform other essential matters.


About Prefect Agencies

As a family business, the Prefect Agencies team is proud to offer every client a fantastic customer service experience starting from the moment you reach out to us. If you have never managed a counting device before, our staff is happy to help guide you as well as address any questions that you have about the machine.

Are you interested in learning more about our selection of PA counters? Contact us for all your queries or information required.