PA-8500 Three Pocket Note Counters

The PA-8500 is NGB Ready with free clearance software and a touch screen. It’s the latest and most advanced 3 pocket note processing system on the market.The PA-8500 3 Pocket comes with enhanced and reliable authentication / fitness detection, with easy modes switching to fulfill all kind of process needed when banknote handling, with capability to improve cash management efficiency by recycling the banknotes in branch and reduce workload with high accuracy and productivity. It detects holes, tears, folded or missing corners, tape, stain and soils of banknotes, the all-in-one design makes all the tedious operations in a snap.

Built with wide range counterfeit detection capabilities, PA-8500 stops counterfeits by using the most advanced counterfeit detection technology in the industry.


The PA-8500 has various and useful functions, allowing operators to sort banknotes by denomination, orientation, fitness (soil, tape, hole, tear, dog-ear, graffiti), etc. More than 9 detection technologies and special reject pocket design provide continuous sorting performance without any interruption.

  • Fingerprint identification and serial number recognition is also the design highlights.
  • Multi currencies, can accommodate up to 10 currencies.
  • This machine is perfect for busy bank, retail outlets or gaming venues-
  • The PA-8500 will process and off-sort TITO Tickets with ease, and comes with a full clearance system and TITO image recording at no extra cost.

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