MIB-11 Two Pocket Mixed Note Counter/Sorter

The New MIB-11 counts mixed denomination notes at a rate of 1000 notes/minute. The MIB-11 is ideal for general use in retail, gaming, cash in transit and banking. the unit will count, sort, batch, issue sort and face/orientate

The MIB-11 is the latest note counter released by Hyundai-MIB, featuring the most advanced cash-processing technology available, it is designed for high-performance in the most demanding environments. Accurate Serial Number and TITO scanning and recording . This unit can be and networked to any back office application, reconciliation system or government reporting agency

This machine is an note counting and sorting solution, resulting in significant time savings, and a quick return on investment. The MIB-11 has been designed for mid to high use processing with a large hopper and stacker size, for accurate processing of large amounts of notes, we recommend this for simple and quick value counting.

The MIB-11 Note Counter is an exciting note counting and sorting solution for all markets, and is tailor-made for Australia. Buy from the importer direct, We offer unbeatable bulk deals on this device.


Purchase this unit or Rent this machine from $36.50 pw, use the contact tab below for more information

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