SB9 Two Pocket Multi-Currency Note Counter and Sorter

SB-9 Value Counter is a versatile two pocket Multi-currency discrimination counter & sorter with variable count speed and multiple function capabilities. The unit has been designed for the foriegn exchange and banking sector.

This unit can count up to 20 currencies and in mixed mode, and can identify counterfeit notes using IR, UV, CIS and MG sensors. The SB-9 series counts mixed denomination notes at a rate of 1200 notes/minute, ideal for multi currency processing.

This unit has been designed for mid to high use processing with a large hopper and stacker size, for accurate processing of large amounts of notes, ideal for foreign exchange outlets and forign exchange stores, banks and ideal for air-side retail. The unit will also Issue sort old notes from the new RBA note series.

The SB9 will batch, sort, count, face and orientate, perfect for ATM/ note breaker filling. Currently used on our clearance system for the gaming sector and can process TITO Multi currency and IR detect available on this counter. The Standard configuration comes with 4 currencies with an option to expand 10 or 20 currencies.

Buy from Prefect Agencies, Australia’s Leading MIB Note Counter supplier. We offer unbeatable deal for banks and institutions on this device, we currently supply ANZ, Suncorp and BOQ with this device


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